• My world is made of

    Design & Code

    Some call me an Unicorn*, others call me an Ux & Ui designer, Frontend developer, Business Strategist, Creator, Consult, Project manager, Creative Director, Illustrator or Art director.

    *A Unicorn developer/designer is a person who can design and code (source: medium.com →)
  • Coding girl sitting and working
  • I've worked in various


    Public sector, Real estate, Automotive, Retail Industry, Pharmaceutical, Banking & Finance, Education, Tourism, Restaurant, Logistics and SaaS

  • Systems and project image, a growing green plant
  • Systems and projects

    Multiple of external webs in Wordpress and Episerver, sign-and-drive configurator web app built in Mustache.js, racing cup site, real estate and “my page”-admin, digital educational platforms, intranets, healthcare professionals portals, financial ratios & stock analysis web tool, home deliver web app, digital museum experience and e-commerces.