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Hello, girl!

Mission: Get more women into the tech industry. Inspire more women to get involved in developing and building the technology, instead of administrative or project support roles. Because if not everyone is represented when the technology is built, how should it suit everyone?

Industry: Education and Tech


Class room for workshop

Together with several local businesses in Jönköping, organizations, and schools, Digital Dreams arranges a code course for women only. The course is at part of the network WI-Tech Brains → and is the first step of realizing the digital dreams of women.

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Workshop in the making
basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript

About the course

During the course, we will review the basics and the most common techniques used in website building.

Hello girl class

We will go through the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript, and build a basic but cool web page, ready to post immediately after the course. Our teachers work at various IT companies around Jönköping, which gives you a great opportunity to network and create contacts with your potential future employers. The biggest benefit of the workshop is that you get to see what programming is about. Who knows? Maybe it’s what you are meant to do and you just did not know about it.

Visit Hello, girl! → for more information or to download the cource material for free.

Why is this important?

Tech is for everyone

Emmelie Strand and Hello girl

It is an advantage to have experienced other cultures, communities, and industries.

This makes you able to gain empathy and understand the challenges other people/users can have. What would the users need in the service och product we create? I mean, how am I supposed to be able to create a digital service for a blind person if I do not understand how they live, think and feel?

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