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Mission: New website for Stadsholmen, applied with a new digital design. We had creative workshops with the client to create a mood board for the new site and made the graphic identity accessibility proof. The site is based on Atomic design philosophy with components in HTML, SASS, and Js Vanilla and build in WordPress.

Industry: Real Estate Company
The moodbaord


Stadsholmen first sketches

The inspiration comes from Old Towns property, crofts, old wallpapers and historical culture from my upbringing. Stadsholmen is the soul of Stockholm. The building maintenance and care these properties receive means that history can live on for a long time to come. It is a living cultural treasure with many hidden treasures around Stockholm.

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Stadsholmen moodboard
Stadsholmen online

on the new site, the focus lays on the loved properties

By highlighting the properties that Stadsholmen rents out, is not only for tenants. It also is for people who are interested in history and wants to learn more about Stockholm's cultural heritage.

The details of the design are taken directly from reality. The ocher color comes from the beautiful facades stone textures in the background come from the stone walls. The illustration at the bottom of the site is drawn by a Stadsholmen worker and the photographs are taken by a Stadsholmen resident. There is a fantastic amount of love and commitment around everything that has to do with Stadsholmen.

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